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  • low-cost trades
  • 135 markets in 33 countries
  • exemplary customer service
  • Complex trading platform
  • High initial deposit requirements
  • Slow load times and occasional crashes
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Interactive Brokers Review


For investors looking for a robust platform, Interactive Brokers tops the list. Customers may trade over 150 markets in stocks, options, futures, currency, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and funds using a single, consolidated account. The Impact Dashboard and app cater to those interested in sustainable investing by providing tools to analyse portfolio holdings from a socially responsible investing perspective. Interactive Brokers has unique assets, research reports, worldwide market access, tools, calculators, instructional resources, and multilingual tutorials for foreign investors. The variety of goods and services offered is both a gift and a disadvantage for the business. The vast quantity of data shown in IBKR might be overwhelming. But, interested parties may get their feet wet with this full-service broker by taking advantage of the free paper trading and 3-month trial period.


Interactive Brokers, founded by current chairman Thomas Peterffy in 1978, prioritises broad market access, low prices, and excellent transaction execution. Around 2.1 million customers use IBKR’s services, and the company’s daily trading values average $1.99 million as of February 2023. IBKR is well-funded and publicly listed.

This affordable broker has an open and reasonable fee structure, as well as low margin costs. But, it does take some time to comb through the price guide and learn your way around the site because of its depth of assets and sophistication of capabilities.


  • Widest selection of investing options
  • Extensive selection of fundamental and technical analysis tools
  • Designed for worldwide commerce and investment.
  • Competitive Margin and Commission Rates
  • The implementation of the superior order

Widest selection of investing options

Stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, futures, currency pairings, cryptocurrencies, U.S. spot gold, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, robo-advisors, and managed portfolios are all included.

Extensive selection of fundamental and technical analysis tools

Trading systems like TheTrader Workstation and Client Portal include interactive, customisable charts, single-window access to real-time prices, technical research, and analytical instruments.

Designed for worldwide commerce and investment

With 150 markets in 33 countries and 24 currencies, Interactive Brokers provides a comprehensive platform for international traders. Interactive Brokers is available to people from many nations outside the United States.

Competitive Margin and Commission Rates

The margin rate is one of the cheapest in the market. Moreover, since costs decrease with an order size, they are ideal for more prominent traders and can be up to 50% less than the market standard.

The implementation of the superior order

Using SmartRouting from Interactive Brokers, you may have your trades automatically routed to the lowest-cost market maker for each leg.


  1. SmartRouting, a service offered by Interactive Brokers, is not accessible to IBKR Lite users.
  2. Intimidating for novice or inactive investors.

SmartRouting, a service offered by Interactive Brokers, is not accessible to IBKR Lite users: Because certain brokers may provide incentives for attracting business from certain types of customers, such customers may receive less than ideal pricing on their trades.

Intimidating for the novice or inactive investors

Finding an excellent way to categorise and list the various available items and services is challenging. Although the website’s user interface and navigation still need work, Interactive Brokers is making strides in that direction.


The procedure of signing up with Interactive Brokers has been simplified. Users can sign up for the service and test it before committing money. New investors may find the website’s abundance of features overwhelming. Client Portal, Trader WorkStation (TWS), and mobile app users will benefit from the site’s recent upgrades. Accessible resources for help are made available through several support channels. Several mobile trading systems for both Android and iOS can be used with Interactive Brokers. Trader Workstation (TWS) is the company’s premier trading platform, and the app is virtually as feature-complete as the web platform. The same types of assets are available, which you can find on each trading platform.

Trade Experience

The trading platforms available with Interactive Brokers are comprehensive. Two platforms are based on computers, and there are three apps for mobile devices:

  1. Interactive Brokers mobile
  2. Interactive Brokers GlobalTrader Mobile
  3. Trader Workstation
  4. Client Portal
  5. Impact Mobile

Trader Workstation

TWS caters to active traders and investors that require versatility and access to a wide range of products, and as such, it provides a wealth of valuable features and functionalities. Trading, order management, portfolio management, and fundamental and technical charting tools are all available in the TWS, and the platform may be tailored to the user’s needs. Algorithmic trading is only one of a hundred order types available to professional traders. You may set up shortcut keys for swiftly placing orders. And you can queue up orders to be executed individually or in bulk later. You can schedule an order’s transmission or submit a conditional order that activates when a previous order executes. With the chart, you may easily place, change, and manage orders. Several devices can be used simultaneously to access real-time streaming data, such as quotations, charts, and news.

Interactive Brokers Mobile

With the Interactive Brokers mobile app, you can trade the same assets and place the same orders on the desktop version. The steps in the mobile app’s process are clearly labelled and simple. In addition, the same research tools, such as screeners and options strategy calculators, are available on the mobile platform as they are on the Client Portal.

IBKR GlobalTrader Mobile

You can now trade stocks from your smartphone or tablet using a brand-new international trading app that accepts deposits in your local currency. North American, European, and Asian stock markets are among the more than 90 available worldwide. So whether you’re an investor in the United States or elsewhere and want access to the global market, this app is for you.

Impact Mobile

Investors concerned about ESG might use Impact, a mobile app developed by Interactive Brokers. Clean water, racial equality, and climate change are just a few examples of how the Impact app may help you make a difference. Companies that fit your criteria can be filtered and shown to users. Your investments may also benefit society as a whole, not just you. Fractional shares are an excellent way for new investors with a little budget to get their feet wet.

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