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  • Low minimum trade sizes
  • Easy to use interface
  • Mobile trading app available
  • Limited payment options
  • High inactivity fees
  • Regulation is not clear
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Pocket Option Review


Pocket Option is an excellent choice as a global provider of Binary Options. Place your money on the markets going up or down, and you may win big. Gembell Limited, which operates out of the Marshal Islands, owns the broker Pocket Option. So it’s good to know if the broker is IFMRRC-approved. The Pocket Option website is well-designed and easy to use. What they’re giving their traders is there for all to see. You may invest in over a hundred different underlying assets using Binary Options, which provide a high return (90%) on investment. In the eyes of traders, the number of permutations is around 10,000. Getting started with a broker in trading is simple. A brand-new account may be created in moments on the Pocket Option. On top of that, you may use their platform risk-free by signing up for a free demo account.

What are the advantages and disadvantages

The website is secure and trustworthy and has a wide variety of user options. On-time payments, incentives, and an intuitive interface make this a top pick for traders.


  1. Several market indicators.
  2. Pretty high Deposit bonuses are now available.
  3. Free demo membership


  1. A great deal of danger is typically involved when dealing with binary options.
  2. Constrained business volume
  3. Many of the Indicators are not currently available.

Is Pocket Option regulated

To prevent getting scammed or losing money, working with a reliable broker operating within the law’s confines is crucial. Unfortunately, if you choose to work with Pocket Option, you will be dealing with an unregulated broker. Moreover, it lacks support for two-factor authentication. Yet the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC) regulates it. Malaysia, Nigeria, the US, and New Zealand prohibited PocketOption because binary options trading is risky. Even though it’s illegal across Europe, a free demo account is still available for signup.

Which terms and conditions does PocketOption provide for its traders to abide by

With as little as $50, you may begin investing with real money. In addition, the lowest allowable bet across all assets is just $1. To try out Pocket Options risk-free, the broker gives you a demo account with a starting balance of $10,000. So that you may have some experience with the new trading platform. Pocket Option accepts more than 50 different payment methods, making it simple to fund your account with real money. Moreover, they don’t add any fees to your deposits or withdrawals. In addition, there is no downtime for the payment system. In comparison to other brokers, the typical asset profit of a Binary Option is between 80 and 97%. There are situations when it is asset dependent. You may make trades as short as 60 seconds or as long as 4 hours. Several time frames are available for your use. Putting in a trade is a breeze and takes a few seconds to complete. Before the option’s expiration date, you can Sell it. Indeed, this is a significant benefit for this broker. There is a wide range of assets. Choose from various markets, including stocks, forex, indices, cryptos, and commodities. To wrap things up, Pocket Option’s terms and conditions are contrasted with those of the top alternative brokers.

PocketOption trading app

The pocket Option app is recommended if you’re not the kind to spend your entire workday at a desk in front of a computer. Use the broker’s mobile app to demonstrate your trading prowess from any location. It works on iOS and Android mobile devices. It is compatible with iPads and Android and iOS tablets. Trading may be done directly from your mobile device after downloading the app from either the Google Play or Apple App Store and entering your personal information. The Pocket Option mobile app has all the features of the browser-based version.

How to trade on the Pocket Option

You may use the Pocket Option to wager on the market’s direction, whether going up or down. Determine how you think the value of a given asset will change over time. It might be anything from foreign exchange to stocks to cryptocurrencies and more. There was always a time limit on when a Binary Option would expire. In trading, you can focus on either the short or long term. If the deal deadline passes without action, the trade will be immediately closed.

As an illustration, let’s look into Bitcoin (90%) trading

You may expect a reward of $2,000 from a deal in Bitcoin worth $1,000 if your market prediction turns out to be correct. Instead, the payout is $1,000, and you made $900 in profit. This is because investing does not come with any unanticipated costs or fees.

Automatically copy the trades of others in the binary options market using “social trading”

With the Pocket Option, you may copy the trades of the most successful traders. As a preliminary matter, please know that a live trading account is required for social trading to function. If you go to “social trading” on the main menu, you can check out who the top traders are right now. To view their profile, just click on their name. A “watchlist” lets you keep tabs on a certain trader for a predetermined time. Copy his actions with a single mouse click if you agree they are successful. Increasing one’s income through social trading is a viable option for those with a high win rate over a prolonged period. The ability to view a user’s complete profile and trading history is a significant plus while using the Pocket Option.

To begin trading on Pocket Option, you need to know how to create an account

  1. A “START WITH ONE CLICK” button will display on the homepage; click it.
  2. To start off with the demo account, click “CONTINUE DEMO TRADING.”
  3. After you’re ready, head to the bottom left and hit the “Registration” button.
  4. Create an account using any of these three options: email, Google, or Facebook.
  5. Complete the form with all of the essential information.
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