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Nadex Review


The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) is a prominent trading platform where various derivatives may be bought and sold. Nadex has been a leading platform for traders of all experience levels because of its commitment to safety, openness, and service since it started in 2004.

Regulation and Security

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) licences only the most reputable businesses to facilitate trading in the United States, including Nadex. Two US banks, BMO Harris Bank and Fifth Third Bank, keep customer deposits in accounts that are entirely separate from the company’s primary accounts. The regulatory environment allows trading Nadex for a living and testifies to this broker’s credibility in a fraud-ridden market.

Commissions and Fees

Each entry and exit of a binary options contract before its expiration is $1 on Nadex. When a client has a positive net profit on a trade and the contract expires in the money, they will be charged an extra $1 to settle the contract. If a trader experiences a loss due to an out-of-the-money deal, they will not have to pay further fees. Regardless of the outcome, spread and knock-out contracts have the same $1 per contract fee and $1 settlement charge after expiration. A $25 fee is indicated for bank wires, which is typical for banking institutions in the United States. For binary options and call spread and knock-out contracts, the minimum tick size for spot Forex trading is 0.25. Traders may view all spreads and costs on the company’s website, and the pricing environment is good for bigger lot sizes.

Account Types

Binary options, spreads, and knock-out contracts can all be traded on Nadex through a single account type. After the initial $250 investment, subsequent transactions might involve much lower sums. Nadex does not provide leveraged trading, although the platform does provide a test account with a $10,000 balance. Clients are welcome from any of the several dozen countries featured on the Nadex website. Nadex accepts account registrations from organisations located in the USA.


As expressed above, the Demo account on NADEX start at $10,000. NADEX offers a free trial account to practise trading, prepare for markets, test their mobile trading software, test trading methods, specify risk management criteria, and improve trading. Both the desktop version of NADEX and the NADEXGo mobile app is accessible via the NADEX demo account. This can lead to naive assumptions about trading, and if no discussion of trading psychology is included, the instructional value may be diminished.


Binary options, knockouts, and call spreads are the primary short-term trading tactics supported by NADEX. Leveraged trading is not available on NADEX. The order ticket’s risk limits and the absence of margin calls are guaranteed across the board for all NADEX products. Clients must have collateral in their trading account equal to the maximum risk amount before NADEX can execute a deal. The amount that is displayed on the order ticket is the maximum loss that each trader may sustain at any one time. As a result, NADEX is spared any market risk, as all trading is conducted using funds provided only by clients.

Trading Hours

The NADEX market is open for business every day from Sunday at 18:00 (EST) to Friday at 16:15. (EST). Trading is suspended Monday through Friday from 17:00 to 18:00 GMT because of end-of-day processing. NADEX publishes a clear list on its website of the trading hours for each asset, which vary depending on the asset’s expiration date. Even if opening and closing times vary, they are still within normal business hours. NADEX will update its Notices pages in advance of US holidays that will affect trading hours for any trading instrument (including Forex contracts).

Unique Features

NADEX is owned by the reputable Singaporean firm, and its many contract options make up for the exchange’s lower asset range. Traders are provided with the freedom they require to trade short-term and liquid contracts as a result of this. The fifteen event-based trading instruments, which let traders speculate on fundamental news releases, are another one of the favourite aspects of this market.


Nadex is more generous than many EU-based brokers, who typically give no incentive at all by offering a 10% initial deposit bonus up to $100. A client is eligible to receive a maximum of ten payouts of one hundred dollars each through the refer-a-friend programme. There is a set of terms and conditions that traders need to familiarise themselves with before joining. Infrequently, Nadex will hold a real money trading contest on their free demo platform. Only residents of the United States, with the exception of Rhode Island, are eligible to participate in the demo trading contest.

Deposits and Withdrawals

NADEX only accepts bank wires and debit/credit cards for deposits and withdrawals, which significantly reduces the opportunity for fraud. While foreign brokers are required to adhere to strict safety and regulatory standards, US-based brokers are not. The duration of the processing time and the associated fees are contingent upon the payment processor.

Deposit methods

1-    Debit Cards: The service is open to customers from the United States and beyond. NADEX may request the identification of the debit card owner prior to withdrawals, but there are no internal costs, and cash is available instantly.

2-    Wire Transfer: International transactions can take 24 hours to five business days, depending on the banks, geographic region, and intermediate banks. Domestic transactions clear within 24 hours.

3-    ACH Bank Transfer: While deposits are immediately available, withdrawal requests are delayed for five days while NADEX waits to receive payments.

4-    Paper Check: NADEX will deposit the cash into your trading account once the check has cleared, which can take up to five business days.

 Withdrawal methods

1-    Debit cards: Debit card withdrawals are capped at $10,000 per day or $50,000 per month and are never permitted to exceed the initial deposit amount. Non-US clients can remove excess funds via international wire transfer, while US clients can use ACH Bank Transfer or local wire transfer.

2-    ACH Bank Transfer: Funds typically arrive within three to five business days, though NADEX may require additional identification before making a deposit.

3-    Wire Transfer: NADEX processes request on the same day for a $25 fee if they are received before 16:15 (EST) Monday through Thursday and before 1500 (EST) on Friday. All requests received after the cut-off period may take three to seven business days to receive money.

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