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Kine Protocol Review


Kine Protocol is a decentralized derivatives platform that aims to create a derivatives market with unlimited liquidity and to make derivatives trading easy, fast and transparent for users.

It is equipped with the most cutting-edge cross-margining tool and a point-to-point engine, allowing it to maximize capital efficiency while using the ideal leverage ratio. KINE has become the leading platform in the current decentralized derivatives market.

Twenty people who have worked for reputable financial organizations like Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Citigroup, as well as conventional investment banks and technology firms, make up the team.

The core group’s members have been working and collaborating together for more than five years, and they have an average of seven years of experience in research and development. Kine Protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on a Layer 2 Network. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $260 million and boasts over 100,000 registered users. By utilizing its Layer 2 Network, Kine achieves on-chain staking and gas-fee-free trading. It has been operating professionally for more than two years.

Kine Protocol team

Experts with years of experience in the derivatives industry make up the Kine Protocol team. The founders of Kine Protocol previously led the institutional operations of Huobi, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading firms in the world. The team spent five years working at prestigious investment banks like Merrill Lynch, HSBC, and Citi before making the switch to the cryptocurrency sector. The team is thrilled to bring their in-depth knowledge to the world of DeFi thanks to their vast experience in both traditional finance and crypto-native centralized trading platforms. After learning and participating in the DeFi space for two years, the team decided to go all-in on DeFi. They think DeFi could upset not just CeFi but the entire financial system. After pioneers like Uniswap and Compound revolutionized token trading and lending, the team believes it’s finally time to do the same for the derivatives market. Alexander Pack, who oversaw Dragonfly Capital and Bain Capital Ventures and was an early investor in projects like Compound, 1Inch, and MakerDAO among others, is one of the seasoned crypto investors who support Kine Protocol. He is also an advisor to the Huobi exchange. Naval Ravikant, co-founder and CEO of Angel List and a seasoned investor in companies like Uber and Twitter, is also an investor in Kine Protocol. With such influential backers, particularly in the exchanges sector, Kine Protocol is well-positioned to address the current issues facing decentralized exchanges.

Kine Protocol Partner

PeckShield, the same unit that has audited for popular AMM platforms such as DODO, Sushiswap, and Perpetual Protocol, has also audited Kine Protocol. This means that users can be assured that the smart contracts and security measures in place have been reviewed by a reputable third-party, reducing the risk of errors and potential hacker attacks.

What Makes Kine Protocol a Good Option

A DeFi platform called Kine Protocol enables quick, transparent, and simple trading of derivative products on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. It provides cross-margin support, unlimited liquidity, up to 200x leverage, instant execution, and no slippage. Additionally, it distinguishes itself from other DeFi derivatives markets by having extremely low latency and high throughput. Users’ assets are staked on-chain, providing high security, transparency, and anonymity. In order to address the shortcomings of AMM, Kine modified the peer-to-pool liquidity model. As a result, traders now have access to limitless liquidity, no slippage, and instant order execution without being constrained by market makers or order books. The next biggest problem for Kine to solve is latency and gas costs. In order to get around this problem, Kine uses a hybrid infrastructure that keeps the staking and settlement of assets on-chain while moving the execution engine off-chain. As a result, users pay no gas fees and there is no lag. Kine uses sponsorship fees to address long/short imbalances as well as high-performance oracles to address front-running.

KINE(Kine Protocol Token)

The native protocol token of the Kine Protocol, called KINE, is currently issued on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. The KINE token is a utility token created to simplify community governance and encourage the virtuous circle of the Kine Ecosystem.

Token Utility

  • Governance

When the protocol is developed, Kine will gradually switch to community governance, giving the community the opportunity to decide how the protocol will develop. Holders of the  KINE token may use their KINE to cast a vote or to suggest modifications to the Kine Protocol. Some of such decisions could be:

Addition/removal of staking assets on Kine.Finance

  Addition/removal of trading assets on Kine.Exchange

  Protocol parameters such as collateral factor, supply cap, and risk limits.

  • Staking

KINE is accepted as a staking asset of the liquidity pool.

The fee pool will allocate a portion of it specifically for KINE stakers, allowing for higher returns than with other collateral.

Trading fee revenue from Kine. The exchange will be converted to KINE before being distributed as a reward.

Long-term KINE stakeholders will amass more governing voting power.

Final words

Uniswap currently dominates spot/swap transactions on DEX platforms, but there aren’t many well-known players in the derivatives market. To close this gap, the Kine Protocol was developed, and it has since risen to the top of the decentralized derivatives market. The advantages of Kine include high leverage, cross-margining across a wide range of asset classes, zero slippage, cost savings, and accelerated transaction times. Its hybrid infrastructure allows it to address latency and gas costs, and its peer-to-pool liquidity model offers traders unlimited liquidity, no slippage, and instant order execution. The native protocol token of the Kine Protocol, KINE, is a utility token created to simplify community governance and encourage the positive feedback circle of the Kine Ecosystem. Overall, Kine Protocol is a DeFi platform that allows for fast, transparent, and easy trading of derivative products on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It offers unlimited liquidity, up to 200x leverage, instant execution and no slippage with cross margin support making it a good choice for traders looking for a Powerful and efficient derivatives platform. 

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