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IQCent Review


Trading chances are available on 100+ commodities at IQCent, a broker specialising in making binary options and CFDs accessible to newcomers. Clients can use a copy trading service and 95% returns in addition to 24/365 dealing (including weekends). IQCent launched its retail internet selling platform in 2020 after launching in 2017. IQCent now serves merchants worldwide, processing over 10,000 deals per day. Wave Makers Ltd runs the exchange out of the Marshall Islands. Users can trade CFDs with a ratio of 1:500 in addition to the standard high/low binary options. Cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and digital assets are all available for trading. New users can get started with a minimum investment of $250 across 10+ accepted payment methods, and the minimum trade size is just $0.01.

Instruments & Markets

Trading in binary options and CFDs is available on over a hundred commodities at IQCent. Gold, Copper, and Brent Crude Oil are the 3 Commodities. The four German companies included are Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, BMW, and Daimler. There are more than 40 different main and low-order currency combinations in circulation today. In addition, there are 12 forms of cryptocurrency, the most well-known of which are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.

IQCent provides a choice between the following kinds of binary options

  1. Long-term options: Expires in 24 hours, seven days, 14 days, 21 days, or 30 days.
  2. Intraday options: Time-based expiration from 1 hour up to 24 hours
  3. Turbo options: Expiration times can range from 3 to 30 minutes or as low as 1 minute for high-risk investments.

IQCent provides only the most basic trading choices, requiring clients to guess whether the value of a commodity will go up or down.

CFD Trading

One type of derivative instrument is the “contract for difference,” or CFD, which mirrors the price of a base commodity like a stock. CFD traders commonly use leverage. It indicates that clients only need to put up a modest initial deposit to borrow money from their broker and make larger trades. While the maximum leverage on offer from IQCent is 1:500, this differs by asset, with crypto CFDs having a maximum leverage of 1:10 on the platform. At 5%, the broker will send you a margin notice. With variable spreads starting at 0.7 pips, account users can trade CFDs commission-free. When positions are kept open overnight, swap costs are assessed.

Trading Platform

IQCent’s web-based trading tool eliminates the need for a time-consuming installation, making it ideal for frequent traders. The app is simple to use and has intuitive controls, making it suitable for newcomers. When using the site, we had complete control over the data and could choose from six different periods. Candlestick charts, tick charts, text overlays, XABCD patterns, and more are all available ways to examine price information. In addition, several built-in signs are available through the binary options provider. Users also gain from expert traders’ study of the market and recommendations for purchasing and selling commodities. The app also features a fiscal calendar and the most recent headlines. Now, with the press of a button, you can access your complete trading records, see the positions taken by the industry’s best dealers, and finance your account.

More Options

1-Double-up: Traders using IQCent have the option to “double-up” on their money up until the time it expires. This effectively doubles the size of the transaction and the possible profits. The term “double-up” refers to the process of opening a second account with the same asset, time, and price parameters as the original.

2-Rollover: With the rollover strategy and feature, investors can turn over their stake by 100% for a single use. And further expansion to the same location is permitted at a rate of 30%. To be qualified for a rollover, the contract must be in the fourth quarter of the initial expiration term and be out-of-the-money.

3-Sell Out: A sell-out of a deal is also possible with IQCent. For example, if an investor in binary options has made a profit of 0.1% or more, they can cash out their stake before the expiration of the option. This implies that you can secure your earnings immediately.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods


The bare least to open an IQCent investing account is $250. Customers can deposit via wire transfer, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Credit/debit card transactions are processed instantly, but cryptocurrency transfers may experience delays due to blockchain confirmation periods. IQCent assesses no transaction fees, but fees levied by third parties are always possible.


Payments must be returned to the initial deposit means per the withdrawal policy. It usually takes an hour to withdraw money, but it could take longer for the funds to show up in the user’s account, depending on their bank. There is a $5 charge for using a credit or debit card to transfer funds from IQCent, with a $20 minimum. Note that a $10 inactivity penalty is applied to accounts that have been dormant for over three months.


Copy Trading

The copy trading feature is available on the IQCent platform. If you’re new to investing or just don’t want to spend a tonne of time researching the markets, this instrument is for you. Before putting down any money, check out how the best ten brokers fared. Expert traders’ profit margins and user locations are available to the public. If you have a good amount in your account, you can start copy trading by clicking the link in the left navigation bar. Next, decide which trader’s strategy you want to imitate and how much money you want to risk. Every real money account user is entitled to the no-cost copy trading service.

 Signing up

Creating a real-time IQCent account is simple and takes very little time. Simply click the “sign up” button at the upper right of any screen to begin online registration. Identification will be needed following Know Your Customer regulations. Your passport, driver’s license, or current bill statement may serve as identification. USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB are all examples of currencies that can be used for accounts.

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