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  • user-friendly platform
  • competitive payouts
  • different account types
  • Limited selection of tradable assets
  • Only offers binary options trading
  • simple for more advanced traders
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CloseOption Review


When it comes to trading forex and cryptocurrency pairings, CloseOption is a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly binary options platform. In addition, closeOption is a platform that allows traders of all experience levels to learn the ropes of options trading in a safe and dependable environment. With just a $5 initial investment, you’ll get access to a demo trading account, risk-free binary options tournaments, and real money trading. Promotions are another way for you to get gifts and extra bonuses. In addition to its usefulness, the platform’s interface is modern and simple to operate. Accessible from any device, the trading rooms have a movable call and put buttons and a dashboard and chart showing historical and current data. Credit cards like Mastercard and PayPal, e-wallets like Perfect Money and WebMoney, and wire transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges are all available for users to make deposits and withdrawals. Whether you want to communicate with CloseOption by phone, email, or live chat, CloseOption is always there for you.

Trading Platform CloseOption

The TradeRoom is the name of the exclusive trading platform that CloseOption offers its customers. All major currency pairings, such as EUR/USD and AUD/JPY, are available in real time on the site. There are around 21 sets. In addition, currency pairs are available with Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. The selection menu will show the payout percentages for these currency pairings. The layout is simple and straightforward, making getting the functions you need easy. The TradeRoom platform is, in point of fact, relatively straightforward. The trading terminal of this platform, much like the terminals of other platforms, places the chart of your choosing at the front and centre. It offers four standard chart types. Many charts are available, including bar, candlestick, line, and area charts. It has big enough Buy/Sell buttons, so users aren’t thrown off. You can change the panel’s location from its default position in the screen’s top right corner. Plotting manual tools, including trend lines, text, and Fibonacci lines, are available in the TradeRoom. In conclusion, the mobile-friendly nature of the web-based TradeRoom platform should not be overlooked. As a result, you may engage in transactions using your mobile device, even when you’re on the move.

CloseOption is all about making things easy and accessible. So, from the functionality of its platform to the tools it offers, it makes this ethos very evident to customers. Yet, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that set it apart:

Referral Commission

CloseOption offers clients a programme that rewards them for referring new customers. The fact that demo accounts may be created is one of the defining characteristics of this offering. In a nutshell, there is a free affiliate programme available. In addition, closeOption delivers eye-catching banners for lightbox advertisements, scrolling ads, and fixed ads to make it easier for recommending traders or affiliate marketers.

No-Fuss Trading Terminal

As was previously noted, the CloseOption TradeRoom’s user interface is so straightforward that even inexperienced traders may use it. In just two or three clicks, you can access any of its many features, and it comes with a straightforward interface that emphasises the Buy and Sell buttons. In addition, some analyses are so straightforward that you can plot the results yourself.


The weekly trading competitions hosted by CloseOption have garnered much attention in recent years. At this time, awards are given to the top 20 traders of the week, with the trader who comes in first place earning a prize of $850. Free contest entry is only one example of the weekly marketing surrounding the contests. Everyone may view the winners’ user names beside their country’s flag, the amount they won, and their remaining balance.


The dashboard offered by CloseOption gives customers an easy-to-understand summary of their respective accounts. The account balance and a history of their most recent trades are shown. Furthermore, it lists the latest offers, such as cash incentives for depositing. In addition to this, it offers helpful articles that may be accessed independently of its straightforward instructional page.

CloseOption Trade accounts


This is a genuine account, and users can put actual money into it. There are three possible balances, which are as follows: a Real Account Balance for traditional fiat, a Crypto Balance for digital currency, and a Wallet to hold all of your cash.


Traders on CloseOption utilise this account to participate in the weekly trading contests held on the platform. At first, the broker will provide customers with a virtual balance that they can use to participate in trading competitions and earn real-world rewards.


There is no need to verify the trader’s identity, no cost to join, and an email address is required. CloseOption is similar to other binary options trading platforms, offering a demo account for prospective traders to explore the features. And they can test out trading methods before making a real money deposit. In addition, users can make speculative transactions with no financial risk by accessing real-time market data.

 CloseOption Deposits and Withdrawals

In this industry, CloseOption is among the most competitive companies. Besides, they accept various currencies and payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, such as Perfect Money, Web Money, PayPal, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and others cryptos. The very least amount that may be deposited is $5, while the greatest amount that can be deposited in a single transaction is $5000. Deposits are often processed within a few minutes, but withdrawals might take a few hours to a day.

Bonus and Promotion

Bonuses, freebies, and innovative features are what set CloseOption apart, and they are what makes trading with them so much fun.

Unconditional Bonuses

It’s exactly what it sounds like monthly money into the accounts of all traders. It’s possible to cash out or put the funds to use in trading with this form of bonus.

Deposit bonus

Bonuses are available with certain deposit methods in CloseOption.

No fees Contest

There is no entry charge in certain competitions, making it possible for more people to participate. And they can enjoy the experience of trading in a live market simulation.

VIP plans

There are five tiers of VIP access based on the total amount deposited by the trader. In exchange for becoming VIPs, users can ask for cash rewards every week or every month.

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